Jenna Meets Life

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I am a girl without a rhythm, but I still love to write.

Dear significant other,
I love you. You immediately helped me through things when you first started talking to me. You had read me like a book. I appreciate you pushing me towards the things I want to do in life.
You’re a sweetheart, you’re hilarious, you mean so much to me. I love thinking about the night you told me I was the “epitome” of a few things, and I often hope I still mean those things to you.
Youre an incredible human being and I really hope I do an okay job of showing you that. Thank you for being the goon that you are, darling. I love you.


Dear Person I had a Crush On…….. In 3rd grade.
You ended up winning the senior superlative for Most Attractive of your graduating class at Woodstock High School.
But I think you’re a douche bag now and the second runner up is way hotter.